Chess Strategy for Beginners

Do you want to learn chess? Study the following Chess Strategies for Beginners. These lessons will give you the basic knowledge you need. Not only that, we will go deeper and deeper into the guts of the game.

If you can’t play chess now, don’t worry. I will teach you the game for free on this new website.
Come back to this site regularly because I add chess lessons on a regular basis, slowly but surely.

Many people think that chess is a difficult game to learn and they could be right. I think this is true only if you have nobody you can ask. But I know your problems because I learned chess when I was 15 years old.

I played the game over 30 years in chess clubs and I went through all difficulties myself. I know what you need to know and can build up your knowledge slowly over time.

Just read my lessons on this site on a regular basis. Your can test your knowledge as I will add interactive chess programs and chess applets to this site.
I wish you good luck in learning chess.

Step 1
Chess Board Setup
Chess King
Can a King kill a King in Chess?
Can Queen take Queen in Chess?
King Rook Switch
Chess for Dummies
Give Checkmate with Queen only
Give Checkmate with Rook only
Win being a Pawn up!

Step 2
Win this Game with the Knight
How the Knight moves
Win this Bishop endgame
Win this Rook Endgame
Philidor Position – Keep a Draw
Win this Rook Ending
King and Pawn vs King – Keep a Draw

Step 3
Study Checkmates
Learn how to read and write down Chess Moves
Learn to give Checkmate in 1 Move
Learn to give Checkmate in 2 Moves

Step 4
Learn about Passed Pawns
Learn about Castling in Chess
En Passant Rule in Chess

Step 5

Step 6
Your first Game

Step 7

Save Time in Opening Preparation

If you play first move 1. e4, you have a lot to learn, because Black can throw a lot of systems against you. For this reason it is easier for a beginner to learn just one system for White that cuts down Blacks possibilities, the Colle System.
Learn the Colle System for White and save heaps of time.
Commented Game 1

Step 8
Basic Chess Tactics
Read more about chess tactics at Wikipedia
The Pin
King and Pawns – Win it!

Step 9
Universal System
The idea is to learn positional chess right from the start and not wasting years learning countless chess openings. And believe me, there are many chess openings that will confuse you. You will not know where to start and what to learn and you will waste a lot of time learning various systems.
But this will not help you
You will still play badly because as soon as the opening is finished you will find yourself unable to find a good positional move.

To learn just tactics and do chess puzzles does not help much either, you can do those puzzles besides. Yes, Chess does consist of a lot of tactics (they say it is 90% tactics), but the point is these upcoming tactical chances will not be in your favor when they appear because you have ruined your position already. So the tactics will favor your opponent if his position is better than yours. Simple logic.

I have researched a few opening lines that are related and put them together and call this the universal system. Advantage: You can learn them quickly and use them immediately. They lead to tough and difficult positions where you can learn positional chess. I keep repeating the positional ideas until they sink in. Just study the commented games below.

You are Black

Commented Game – Universal System
Commented Game 2 – Universal System

Step 10
Study the Universal System below and play it as Black and as White if you like. Pretend that you are Black and replay the games below. Memorize the typical lines and play the system in your club.
Be sure that all moves made by Black are checked with the strongest chess program available.

You will save 90% of time if you play the universal system only, because that’s all you need to know to play well in the opening stage of the game. Just specialize in this system for the time being until you have time and are ready to learn other popular openings like the Kings Indian, the Nimzo Indian, the Queens Indian, the Queens Gambit, the Greenfield, the Dutch etc.. You see, if you want to learn all this it will eat up lots of your time.

Understanding the UNIVERSAL SYSTEM 1 – Three Pawn Complex
Understanding the UNIVERSAL SYSTEM 2 – Dark Squared Attack

Replay Games of the “Universal System” (as Black)
The Universal System is played by Black. But you can also play it as White. This way you can play it in every game and have to learn only this opening which saves you a lot of time.
Flip Board: Press F-Key (or click e7 or d2 on top) Select a game: Click on grey bar

Step 11
Watch Videos
Step 12
Learn Chess Openings
Budapest Gambit
Step 13
Basic Chess draws
Garry Kasparov Chess Openings

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