Basic Rules of Chess

Chess Disputes

As a chess player you should follow some basic rules of chess.
If you have a problem while playing at the board notify a tournament official right away to sort out the problem. If you wait until the game is over, it will be too late as nothing can be done.

Distractions while playing Chess

Don’t distract your opponent in any way. To repeat draw offers continuously will disturb the thinking process of your opponent and is not allowed. However, you are allowed to offer a draw when it is your move, but not every time, as this is annoying.

Don’t make any noise like finger drumming on the table, or playing with objects like a pen or with chess pieces or talking to your opponent.

Don’t read newspapers or magazines at the table as this is very disrespectful and annoying.

Starring repeatedly at your opponent is very annoying. Don’t do that or it will lead to complaints.

Don’t talk in the tournament hall after your game is finished as this is very disturbing to other players.

It is not allowed to use a smartphone while playing chess. It has to be switched off as ringing will disturb other players.

When it is your turn to move…

  • Adjust pieces
  • Offer a draw
  • Claim a draw

You are not required to say “check”

When checking the opponent’s king you are NOT required to say “check” as this might be disturbing to your opponent or other players. Only beginners in chess do this.

The Chess Clock

You have to press the chess clock with the same hand that is used to move the pieces on the board. It is not allowed to play chess with the right hand but press the clock with the left hand or vice versa.

Touching Pieces

  • When you like to adjust a piece then wait until it is your move and say “J’adoube”. This is French and means: “I touch”. After you have said this, you can adjust the pieces.
  • If you touch a piece, you must move it
  • If you touch your opponent’s piece, you must capture it
  • When you have executed a move, you can’t take it back.

Patience pays in chess

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