Play Chess against Computer

Learn how to play chess here, beat this chess program below which is pretty strong and impossible to beat if you are a beginner at chess.

Play Chess against Computer

play chess against computer
Stockfish Chess Program
Play Chess against Stockfish Chess Program

This is by far the strongest chess program on the net. You will never beat it. It will take you apart like nothing. Just use it to test your chess opening variations and chess strategies. Maybe something will stick in your mind when you see it playing. Good Luck!

This online chess program does not play as strong as commercially available chess software. I estimate the playing strength at 2000 Elo, whereas top PC chess software has a strength of above 2800 Elo, which is “Super Chess Grandmaster” level. Only a few players have a strenght of more than 2800 Elo.

On top of that, popular PC chess software has many features like training modus, analysis function, opening book, adjustable playing strength, a database of millions of games and more. PC chess software is used by all chess grandmasters and many chess players worldwide to improve their playing strenght.

If you are a beginner I recommend you start first move 1. e4 as White and answer 1. e4 with 1…e5 as Black. After that get your kingside pieces out, your kingside knight and bishop to be able to castle early.

Get some training. This is necessary to get your mind going and stay sharp. You can try your prepared opening lines and see how far you go.

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