Chess for Beginners Commented Game1

Chess is unpredictable like life. You prepare the Colle System for a few months and are keen to apply your knowledge in the next game and what happens? Your opponent just throws anything at you.
He plays g6 and b6 after that. Wow! What to do now?

For that reason I will play some games myself and comment them in depth for you. I will explain every move.

I have invented my own chess terminology for you and will hammer the chess principles into your head

How about that? I will repeat and repeat these terms and they will finally stick with you eventually. I will write these terms in CAPITAL LETTERS in my comments. Eventually your chess understanding will grow beyond Colle…if you know what I mean.


Commented Colle Game 1

So let’s play the Colle
1.d4 Nf6 2.Nf3 g6 3.e3 b6
Hey! What’s that? Never saw this before…


You play 4.Bd3 as this develops a piece and the kingside AND prepares castling AND controls e4. Don’t play any other rubbish!

4…Bb7 5.0-0 See below on the left

colle systemcolle system

Now you have castled and your king is safe.
5…Bg7 6.c4 d5
Forget everything you know about the Colle as this is a new and different world that we have entered.
You play 6.c4 to control the square d5. This stops Black from using this square for his pieces!

Black has answered your c4 with d5. – See diagram on the upper right.

See ANALYSIS about pawn structure in position above on the right

Firstly my new term: FULL PAWN and HALF PAWN – A FULL PAWN is a pawn that has advanced two squares into the center (compare only c,d,e,f pawns). A half pawn has advanced only one square into the center from its original square. This concept helps to evaluate the center influence that you have. Do you have more or less center power than your opponent (Black)? Just compare c,d,e and maybe f-pawns as these are vital center pawns.

White has two FULL PAWNS (c4,d4) and a HALF PAWN (at e3). This makes for 2.5 points for pawn power!

Black has just one FULL PAWN at d5. This makes for one point.

So White has more center influence.

TRADE OFF Blacks center pawn at d5 to REDUCE HIS CENTER POWER BECAUSE he cannot RECAPTURE WITH A PAWN but must recapture with a piece. (bishop or knight). This piece will be CHASEABLE (this means you can chase it away attacking it with your e-pawn (e4).

THis will increase your CENTER POWER

7.cxd5 Nxd5 White has destroyed the center pawn d5 – See left diagram below

chess for beginnerschess for beginners

8.e4 Nb4 9.Qa4+ Nbc6 (or queen captures knight, if knight retreats (Nc6) then d5 pins and loses knight c6) – See right diagram above

colle systemchess for beginners

10.Be2 (just retreat bishop) Bxd4 11.a3 a5 – Black gets involved in a strong attack as he grabbed material (captured the white d-pawn). The black king is vulnerable and White is better developed. See left diagram above

White can’t capture the knight (axN) because Black recaptures with a-pawn and attacks queen with rook and White loses his rook a1. See left diagram above

12.Bh6 to cut off the king and to stop the king from castling 12…Bxb2 Black grabs a pawn. See right diagram above

beginner chesschess for beginners

13.Rd1 Qc8 – See diagram left above

14.Bb5 BxR See right diagram above

commented gamecolle system
15.axN axb – See left diagram above

16.BxN+ BxB 17.Qxc+ and now Qd7 followed by checkmate. To win the rook did not help Black as White got compensation in winning the TWO knights with a deadly attack against the king which is stuck due to Bh6. – See right diagram above

Replay and study the Game

Flip Board: Press F-Key (or click e7 or d2 on top)

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