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Win this Bishop Endgame against the Computer

You should be able to win the endgame when you are a piece up. In this position you are White and are a bishop up, so you should win easily. Attack the black pawn with your king, this requires some patience as you have to run with your king close to the black pawn.

The black king must defend his pawn but then you make a move with the bishop and Black gets into Zugzwang. This means Black must move his king and must leave his pawn unprotected. You will capture the black pawn and push your pawn ahead to the last rank where you finally promote it to a queen.

After this you give checkmate with your queen as you have learned before.


  • Approach the black pawn from the right hand side as the black king is on the left side of the chess board.
  • You can’t attack the black pawn with your bishop because it sits on a black square. This means it is senseless to push the bishop around unless it helps to cut off the black king. So work with your king. The king is an attacking piece in the endgame and a fighter.
  • You are White – Win it!

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