Chess Strategy dark squared Attack

We apply the chess strategy and basic moves from the Universal System to have some orientation. That’s all we need.

In the following game White gives his dark bishop for a knight. This weakens the dark squares in White’s camp.

Black puts his pieces on dark squares and penetrates ON THE DARK SQUARES into White’s position. This way Black gets a deadly unstoppable attack.

Two white pieces are inactive at the white queenside and can’t be used on time to defend the white kingside (knight c3, bishop b3). This leads to a MAJORITY OF ATTACKERS at the KINGSIDE: – four attackers (bishop c8, Ng4, Qh4, Bc5 versus three defenders (Ng3, Rf1, Qe2). White gets overrun.

Black moves dxc. If now fxe then Ng4 attacking the e-pawn AND the kingside black squares.

chess strategy

Black played c4 to get rid of his c5 pawn that blocks a dark square and the diagonal a7-g1. He needs this diagonal to control it with his bishop. (Bc5)

chess strategychess strategy

chess strategy

White resigned

Turn colors (You are Black) replay the game and study it from Blacks side.

Dark Squared Attack – Replay Game

Flip Board: Press F-Key (or click e7 or d2 on top)

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