Chess Pieces Knight

For a beginner like you, the chess knight is the most difficult piece to move correctly and efficiently.

For this reason I first explain to you how the knight moves and after this you will play a real endgame where you are supposed to win with king, knight and pawns versus king and pawns.

Knight controls red squares
Knight can capture pieces
chess knight
chess pieces knight

The knight is the only piece that can jump over pawns and pieces. Never place a knight at the corners of the board because it loses lots of power. Knights are strongly placed in the center, of course.

A knight has a value of three pawns. You cannot give checkmate with a knight and king versus a king.

The knight in the diagrams above is very strong as you can see. It controls
a lot of important squares. Just imagine it would sit at the edge, let’s say on a1. This would be a very poor knight as it would lose over 50% of its power.

To learn how to handle the knight play the game below. Just move the knight around until you get the idea.

Your Plan

1. You should capture at least one black pawn. Use your knight and king
to do this.
2. Create a passed pawn, let it run and promote it into a queen
3. Give checkmate with your queen as learned in the lessons before.

You are White – Win it!

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