Chess Endgame

This is a basic chess endgame where you have a pawn and a king and the opponent has just a king. You are supposed to push the pawn to the last row and promote it into a queen.

After this you win easily by winning the game with the queen as the king finally gets checkmated. If you don’t know how to do this go back to the lessons before.

Key Position

Memorize this key position below

In the diagram below the rule is: If it is White’s turn to move then
the game is a draw, because it is said: Black has the opposition.
If it is Black’s turn to move then White will win because White has the opposition.

chess endgame


The king has to fight for space first, then you can follow up with the pawn.
If you push the pawn now it is a draw.

chess endgame

If you don’t go into Opposition (kings must stand opposite of each other) you will not win the game, because it will end in a stalemate. See position below. Black can’t make a legal move, so the game is a draw, which means, half a point each.

Black must move but can’t, it is stalemate!

chess endgame

In positions like the one below you just go into the Opposition. You play Kd4! here. Don’t push the pawn as the king must be in front of the pawn until it reaches the six rank.

chess endgame

Move to the other side

When the king makes room you go to the side with your king to be able to push the pawn ahead. (Black king can’t go into Opposition then as he is too far away from your king) Always make sure that Black can not go into Opposition himself.

chess endgame

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