Chess Castling

Chess castling is easy to learn. Just learn a few rules.

White castles: Just move the king two squares to the right (short castling) or to the left (long castling). After this you move the rook right beside the king, but to the other side of the king.

Black does likewise but castles short on the left side and long on the right side if you view it from Black’s side.

You can castle only if the king or rook has not moved before.
You can not castle if the king is in check.
You can not castle if the king has to jump over an attacked square or if the king will be placed on a attacked square after castling.

White moves and castles long (0-0-0) and gives a check at the same time. The black king must go out of check after White has castled. See below

chess castlingchess castling

White moves and castles short (0-0) See below

castling in chesscastling chess

White is not allowed to castle below as the black bishop attacks the square where the king would go after castling.

castling in chess

White can not castle. See below

castling in chesscastling chess

Learn Chess: How to Castle

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